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Our City Flag

Norman is a city that is forward thinking, so the flag was purposely designed to embody this notion. The bold contrasts and vibrant colors denote a feeling of strength and optimism.

Each symbol on the City flag represent a certain aspect of Norman. Move your mouse over each item to see what the item represents.

White Starburst - The white starburst within the blue field is a sunrise; a blazing star on the horizon.Mechanical Gear - The mechanical gear symbolizes Normans business and industry.Bolt of Energy - The bolt of energy symbolizes not only the energy of Normans people but also the states leadership in oil, natural gas, and solar research and production.Feather - The feather represents this regions Native American heritage.Musical Note - The musical note represents Normans interest in the fine arts and entertainment.Pencil - The pencil symbolizes the aspect of education in Norman, from its excellent public schools to the University of Oklahoma.Stalk of Wheat - The stalk of wheat represents the agricultural heritage.Image Map

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